XRPTipBot App API Spec

Base URI: https://www.xrptipbot.com/app/api

For incoming / outgoing Tip notifications, Ably should be used. Use API key: B7SnrQ.qc3_zg:wozN1XAAVhiNqJdK and use the token as channel (subscribe only).

URL Method POST Data Response
Activate a new device

Remove activation

Get user balance

Send instant Tip

Possible codes + message (meaning)
200 TIP_OK Tip sent. Destination in data element.
404 TIP_DEST_UNREG Destination user never logged in at the TipBot website.
403 TIP_NO_AMOUNT No amount specified
401 TIP_INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS No (or insufficient) balance
413 TIP_TOO_LARGE Exceeded per-tip limit
500 TIP_INVALID_DESTINATION Destination invalid, to element should contain a string with URI format: xrptipbot://network/user
300 TIP_TO_SELF Can't tip yourself
400 TIP_DEST_DISABLED Destination user disabled TipBot
Request user stats

Fetch user contacts

User lookup, sorted based on levenstein * amount of Tips sent.


Generate a paper account.

Register bump for Tip

geo, nfc and aps are optional, but when available: will help the app to find a match.
POST When in receive-mode, amount is zero (0)

This method only posts the bump. Upon a successful tip (sent / received): a (Websocket) push notification is sent using Ably.

ABLY TIP PUSH Upon a tip (sent / received): a (WS) push notification is sent using Ably: example.

Possible tentative / non successful codes + message (meaning)
500 BUMP_AMBIGUOUS Unable to match bump
403 BUMP_BOTH_AMOUNT Both parties specified an amount
404 BUMP_BOTH_NO_AMOUNT Both parties didn't specify an amount
401 BUMP_INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS Sending party has no (or insufficient) balance
413 BUMP_TIP_TOO_LARGE Sending party exceeded per-tip limit
300 BUMP_AWAITING_MATCH Bump registered, awaiting match
On successful tip